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Top 10 Studio Apartments for Rent in Long Beach Under $1,500

Are you in search of the perfect studio apartment in Long Beach, California, without breaking the bank? Long Beach is a vibrant coastal city that offers a variety of housing options, and finding a cozy studio apartment under $1,500 is not an impossible dream.

In this guide, we will explore the top 10 studio apartments for rent in Long Beach that provide affordability without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Here are a few studio apartments for rent in Long Beach:

AMLI Park Broadway: This apartment complex is located in the heart of Downtown Long Beach and offers studio apartments starting at $2,372 per month. The apartments feature hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and in-unit washers and dryers.

The Alamitos: This apartment complex is located in the Alamitos Beach neighborhood and offers studio apartments starting at $2,500 per month. The apartments feature hardwood floors, granite countertops, and balconies with views of the Pacific Ocean.

Burano: This apartment complex is located in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood and offers studio apartments starting at $1,825 per month. The apartments feature hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and in-unit washers and dryers.

Bixby Knolls: This apartment complex is located in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood and offers studio apartments starting at $1,675 per month. The apartments feature hardwood floors, granite countertops, and balconies.

Bay Hill: This apartment complex is located in the Bay Hill neighborhood and offers studio apartments starting at $1,595 per month. The apartments feature hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and in-unit washers and dryers.

When choosing a studio apartment, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Location: Consider where you want to live in Long Beach. Do you want to be close to work or school? Do you want to be in a walkable neighborhood?
  • Price: Studio apartments can range in price from $1,500 to $2,500 per month. Set a budget before you start looking so that you don’t overspend.
  • Amenities: What amenities are important to you? Some studio apartments have in-unit washers and dryers, balconies, or fitness centers.
  • Size: Studio apartments are typically between 300 and 500 square feet. Make sure to choose an apartment that is large enough for your needs.

Unlocking the Charm of Studio Apartments for Rent in Long Beach:

Are you on the hunt for the perfect studio apartment for rent in Long Beach? Nestled along the stunning Southern California coast, Long Beach boasts a unique blend of urban living and coastal beauty.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of studio apartments in Long Beach, helping you understand what to look for, where to find them, and why they’re such a popular choice in this vibrant city.

Understanding Studio Apartments in Long Beach A Comprehensive Guide:

Studio apartments in Long Beach have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering an attractive housing option for individuals seeking affordability and convenience. In this comprehensive guide,

we’ll delve into the world of studio apartments, exploring their benefits, drawbacks, and all the essential information you need to make an informed decision about this housing option in Long Beach.

What is a Studio Apartment in Long Beach:

A studio apartment is a compact living space that combines your bedroom, living room, and kitchen into a single open area. Unlike traditional apartments, studio apartments lack distinct room divisions, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer minimalism and simplified living.

The Appeal of Studio Apartments in Long Beach:

Cost-Effective Living:

One of the primary reasons people opt for studio apartments in Long Beach is affordability. They typically come with a lower monthly rent compared to one-bedroom or larger apartments.

This cost-effective living arrangement allows individuals to save money or allocate funds to other priorities.

Simplified Living:

Studio apartments encourage minimalism. The limited space forces tenants to declutter and prioritize what they truly need. This can lead to a simpler, more organized lifestyle with fewer possessions.

Prime Location:

Many studio apartments in Long Beach are located in the heart of the city, providing tenants with easy access to restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. The convenience of living in a prime location is a significant draw for young professionals and students.

Challenges of Studio Apartments in Long Beach

Limited Space:

The compact nature of studio apartments can be a challenge for those who prefer more living space. It’s crucial to be creative with storage solutions and furniture to maximize the available space.

Privacy Concerns:

The absence of separate rooms can lead to privacy concerns. It may not be the best option for those who desire distinct spaces for various activities.

Noise Levels:

Living in close quarters with neighbors can result in increased noise levels. Soundproofing and neighbor compatibility become vital considerations when living in a studio apartment.

What to Look for in a Studio Apartment in Long Beach:

When considering a studio apartment in Long Beach, here are some key factors to keep in mind:


Choose a studio apartment close to your workplace or the areas you frequent the most. Long Beach offers various neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and amenities.


Determine your budget and search for studio apartments within that range. Be sure to consider additional costs like utilities and parking when assessing affordability.


Check for amenities like laundry facilities, gyms, and secure parking, which can enhance your quality of life.

Lease Terms:

Understand the lease terms, including the duration, deposit requirements, and any restrictions on pets or guests.


Ensure that the studio apartment building and the neighborhood are safe and secure. Online resources and local police data can provide valuable insights.

Decorating and Space Management:

Making the most of your studio apartment involves efficient decorating and space management:

Multi-Functional Furniture:

Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a sofa bed or a dining table with storage.

Vertical Storage:

Utilize wall-mounted shelves and hooks to maximize vertical storage space.

Room Dividers:

Consider using room dividers, such as bookshelves or curtains, to create the illusion of separate spaces within the studio.

Pros and Cons of Living in Long Beach:


  • Beach Lifestyle: Long Beach offers a picturesque coastline with numerous beaches and outdoor activities.
  • Thriving Arts and Culture: The city boasts a vibrant arts scene, with museums, galleries, and annual festivals.
  • Diversity: Long Beach is known for its cultural diversity, contributing to a rich and varied community.
  • Economic Opportunities: The city provides numerous job opportunities, particularly in sectors like healthcare, education, and tourism.


  • Traffic Congestion: Long Beach, like many major cities, faces traffic congestion issues.
  • Cost of Living: While studio apartments are affordable, the overall cost of living in Long Beach can be high.
  • Earthquake Risk: Long Beach is situated in a seismically active area, which may be a concern for some residents.

The Appeal of Studio Apartments for Rent in Long Beach:

If you’re on the hunt for a cozy and convenient place to call home in Long Beach, look no further than the humble studio apartment. In recent years, studio apartments have gained immense popularity for a multitude of reasons.

From their budget-friendly nature to the ease of maintenance, these pint-sized living spaces offer a unique charm that suits a wide range of lifestyles. In this comprehensive guide,

we’ll explore the allure of studio apartments for rent in Long Beach, shedding light on the benefits, tips for making the most of your studio living, and the best neighborhoods to consider.

The Allure of Studio Apartments:

Affordable Living:

One of the most attractive features of studio apartments in Long Beach is their affordability. With the soaring cost of living in many urban areas, studio apartments provide a cost-effective alternative for individuals, couples,

and even small families. Renting a studio apartment means you can enjoy all the perks of living in a desirable location without breaking the bank.

Low Maintenance:

Studio apartments are a minimalist’s dream. With limited space comes less room for clutter. You won’t have to spend hours cleaning and maintaining a large living space. Additionally, utility bills are typically lower in smaller spaces, making it easier to manage your monthly expenses.

Cozy and Intimate:

If you’re someone who values coziness and intimacy, studio apartments are designed with you in mind. These compact living spaces create a sense of togetherness, as everything is within arm’s reach. It’s the ideal choice for those who prefer a more compact and intimate living experience.


Many studio apartments in Long Beach are strategically located. Whether you want to be near the beach, downtown, or within walking distance of your workplace, you’ll likely find a studio apartment that suits your needs. Proximity to local amenities and attractions is a significant perk of studio living.

Making the Most of Your Studio Apartment:

Now that you’re convinced of the appeal of studio apartments, here are some practical tips for maximizing your living experience:

Multi-Functional Furniture:

Invest in multi-functional furniture. Think of a sofa that can double as a bed, a dining table that also serves as a workspace, and storage solutions that make the most of your limited space.

Creative Storage Solutions:

Maximize your storage space with clever solutions. Wall-mounted shelves, under-bed storage, and vertical organizers can help keep your studio clutter-free.

Lighting Matters:

Strategically placed lighting can make a small space feel more open. Use floor lamps, wall sconces, and pendant lights to create an inviting atmosphere.

Use Mirrors:

Mirrors can visually expand your space and reflect light, making your studio appear more spacious.

Best Neighborhoods for Studio Apartments in Long Beach:

  • Downtown Long Beach: The heart of the city offers a wide range of studio apartment options, with easy access to restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.
  • Belmont Shore: This beachfront community is known for its charming atmosphere and has studio apartments with ocean views.
  • East Village Arts District: If you’re an art enthusiast, this neighborhood is the place to be. It’s brimming with cultural attractions and studio apartment choices.
  • Alamitos Beach: Enjoy a laid-back coastal lifestyle in this neighborhood, with many studios offering beachfront living.
  • Bixby Knolls: A more suburban option, Bixby Knolls has a variety of studio apartments, often with outdoor space.

Finding the Perfect Studio Apartment in Long Beach:

Are you on the hunt for a studio apartment in Long Beach? With its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and endless opportunities, Long Beach is an attractive place to call home. But finding the perfect studio apartment can be a challenge.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of finding the ideal studio apartment in Long Beach while providing valuable insights and tips to make your search a breeze.

Advantages of Studio Apartments:

  • Affordability: Studio apartments are often more budget-friendly than larger apartments in the same area.
  • Location: Due to their smaller size, studio apartments are usually situated in prime, urban locations.
  • Minimal Maintenance: With less space, you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance.

Setting Your Budget:

Determine Your Budget:

The first step in finding the perfect studio apartment is setting a realistic budget. Consider your monthly income, expenses, and the cost of living in Long Beach. It’s recommended that you don’t spend more than 30% of your income on rent.

Additional Costs

Don’t forget to factor in additional costs like utilities, parking, and security deposits. Knowing your budget and sticking to it will make your search more efficient.

Location Matters:

Choosing the Right Neighborhood:

Long Beach is a diverse city with various neighborhoods, each offering a unique vibe. Research different neighborhoods to find one that aligns with your lifestyle. Whether you prefer a beachside location or a lively downtown atmosphere, Long Beach has something for everyone.

Proximity to Essentials:

Consider the proximity of your potential studio apartment to essentials like grocery stores, public transportation, and your workplace. This will impact your daily convenience and overall satisfaction with your choice.

Researching Apartment Listings:

Online Apartment Platforms:

The digital age has made apartment hunting easier than ever. Use online platforms like Zillow,, and Craigslist to search for studio apartments in Long Beach. These platforms provide a wealth of information, including photos, floor plans, and contact details.

Working with Real Estate Agents:

Real estate agents can be valuable resources when searching for a studio apartment. They have access to exclusive listings and can assist you in finding the perfect place that matches your criteria.

Viewing and Inspecting Apartments:

Schedule Viewings:

Once you’ve shortlisted a few studio apartments, schedule viewings. It’s essential to see the apartment in person to get a feel for the space, the building, and the neighborhood.

Apartment Checklist:

During your viewing, use an apartment checklist to assess the space thoroughly. Check for signs of damage, the condition of appliances, and the overall cleanliness.

Understanding Lease Agreements:

Reading the Lease:

Before committing to a studio apartment, carefully read and understand the lease agreement. Pay attention to the terms, the duration of the lease, and any restrictions.

Ask Questions:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about anything you’re unsure of. It’s better to clarify any doubts before signing the lease.

Moving In and Making It Home:

Preparing for the Move:

Once you’ve signed the lease, it’s time to prepare for your move. Create a checklist of tasks like packing, hiring movers, and updating your address.

Personalizing Your Space:

Transform your studio apartment into a cozy and functional space by adding personal touches. Consider space-saving furniture, storage solutions, and decor that reflects your style.

Top Neighborhoods for Studio Apartments in Long Beach:

Long Beach, California, is a vibrant and diverse city with a range of neighborhoods, each offering a unique living experience. If you’re on the hunt for a studio apartment in this beautiful coastal city,

you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top neighborhoods for studio apartments in Long Beach, giving you the lowdown on what each area has to offer. Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or anyone looking for a cozy and convenient studio apartment, Long Beach has something for you.

Downtown Long Beach:

Downtown Long Beach is the heart of the city, and it’s a fantastic place to call home if you love the buzz of urban living. You’ll find a variety of studio apartments, many within walking distance of restaurants, shops,

and entertainment venues. The Arts District in particular is known for its creative and artsy vibe. This neighborhood is perfect for those who want to be in the center of the action.

Belmont Shore:

If you dream of living by the beach, Belmont Shore is the place to be. This charming neighborhood offers an array of studio apartments with stunning ocean views.

You’ll have easy access to the beach, a thriving shopping district, and a lively nightlife scene. It’s a great choice for beach lovers and water enthusiasts.

East Village Arts District:

The East Village Arts District is a haven for artists and those who appreciate a thriving arts and culture scene. Studio apartments in this neighborhood often come with unique features and artistic touches. You’ll be close to galleries, theaters, and trendy eateries, making it a great choice for creative souls.

Bixby Knolls:

For a more family-friendly atmosphere, consider Bixby Knolls. This suburban neighborhood offers a mix of studio apartments and larger residences.

It’s known for its excellent schools, parks, and community events. Bixby Knolls provides a quieter living experience while still being close to the city’s amenities.

Naples Island:

Naples Island is an enchanting neighborhood with canals and waterfront homes. While it’s a bit pricier than some other areas, it offers a unique and serene living experience.

Studio apartments with water views are available, and you can take advantage of the gondola rides and the local shopping scene.

Rose Park:

Rose Park is known for its LGBTQ+-friendly environment and diverse community. It’s an up-and-coming neighborhood with a range of studio apartments at affordable prices. You’ll find a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of local businesses, parks, and cultural events.

Traffic Circle:

The Traffic Circle area is a prime location for those seeking convenience. It’s close to major roadways, making it easy to get around the city. Studio apartments here are perfect for professionals and students who need quick access to the rest of Long Beach.


Wrigley is a historic neighborhood with a mix of charming older homes and studio apartments. It’s a quieter area, ideal for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia. With tree-lined streets and local parks, it’s a hidden gem in the city.

Alamitos Beach:

Alamitos Beach offers beachside living at a more affordable rate than Belmont Shore. You’ll find studio apartments with ocean views and easy access to the sand. The neighborhood has a laid-back vibe, perfect for those who want to soak up the sun and sea.

Los Cerritos:

For a suburban lifestyle, Los Cerritos is a fantastic choice. This neighborhood boasts spacious studio apartments and homes with well-manicured lawns. It’s known for its peace and quiet, making it an excellent option for families and professionals seeking a tranquil environment.

Cambodia Town:

Long Beach is renowned for its cultural diversity, and Cambodia Town is a testament to that. Studio apartments in this neighborhood offer a unique experience, surrounded by Cambodian culture and cuisine. It’s a vibrant community with a strong sense of identity.

California Heights:

California Heights is a charming and quaint neighborhood with tree-lined streets and a strong sense of community. You’ll find studio apartments in well-maintained buildings, and the local shops and restaurants add to the neighborhood’s appeal.


Zaferia is an eclectic neighborhood that attracts a diverse group of residents. Studio apartments here often come with unique layouts and designs. The local eateries, bars, and boutiques make it a lively place to live.

North Long Beach:

North Long Beach offers some of the most affordable studio apartments in the city. It’s a diverse and dynamic area with a strong community spirit. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, this neighborhood is worth considering.

Signal Hill:

Signal Hill offers studio apartments with breathtaking panoramic views of Long Beach and beyond. It’s a small city surrounded by Long Beach, providing a unique living experience. You’ll enjoy a quieter atmosphere while still being close to all the amenities of the larger city.

Making the Most of Studio Living in Long Beach:

Welcome to the beautiful city of Long Beach, California, where the sun shines, the ocean breeze beckons, and studio apartments are a popular choice for city dwellers. If you’re embarking on the adventure of studio living in Long Beach,

you’re in for a treat. While studio apartments may have limited square footage, they offer boundless opportunities for creative and efficient living.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to make the most of your studio living experience in Long Beach, creating a space that’s not only functional but also stylish. Let’s dive in!

Embrace Minimalism:

Studio living is all about making the most of a compact space. Start by decluttering and embracing minimalism. Consider the KonMari method to rid your space of unnecessary items, leaving you with things that truly spark joy. This not only makes your studio feel more spacious but also sets the foundation for a well-organized home.

Multi-Functional Furniture:

Invest in multi-functional furniture to maximize your studio’s potential. Sofa beds, wall-mounted desks, and foldable dining tables are great additions. These pieces can serve multiple purposes without taking up too much space when not in use.

Smart Storage Solutions:

Efficient storage is crucial in a studio apartment. Opt for under-bed storage, vertical shelving, and closet organizers to keep your belongings tidy and easily accessible. Use stylish baskets and bins to hide away clutter.

Light Color Palette:

Light colors like whites, pastels, and neutrals can make your studio apartment feel more spacious and airy. They reflect light, creating an illusion of a larger space. Consider light-colored furniture, walls, and decor.

Mirrors for Illusion:

Mirrors are a powerful tool in small spaces. Placing mirrors strategically can visually expand your studio. Hang a large mirror on one wall to reflect light and give the impression of a bigger room.

Create Zones:

Divide your studio into functional zones. Use area rugs or furniture arrangements to separate the living, sleeping, and dining areas. This delineation will make your space feel more organized.

Dual-Purpose Decor:

Choose decor that serves more than one purpose. Ottomans with hidden storage, decorative room dividers, and floating shelves with decorative elements can add style and functionality.

Vertical Gardening:

Bring the outdoors in with vertical gardening. Hang planters or create a small herb garden to add a touch of nature to your studio. It’s a refreshing way to enhance your living space.

Clever Lighting

Well-placed lighting can work wonders in a studio apartment. Use task lighting for reading nooks, ambient lighting for a cozy atmosphere, and natural light to make your space feel open and inviting.

Customized Built-Ins:

Consider customized built-in solutions. Tailored shelving, cabinets, and storage units can be designed to fit your specific needs, making the most of every inch of space.

Keep It Tidy:

In a small space, clutter can quickly make your home feel cramped. Make tidiness a daily habit to ensure your studio remains a relaxing and comfortable haven.

Vertical Space Utilization:

Don’t neglect the vertical space in your studio. Hang hooks, pegboards, or magnetic boards to store items like keys, utensils, or small decor pieces. It keeps surfaces clear and organized.

Long Beach Lifestyle:

Embrace the Long Beach lifestyle by incorporating coastal-themed decor, like seashell accents, beach-inspired artwork, or nautical colors. This adds a personal touch to your studio.

Community Amenities:

Many Long Beach studio apartment complexes offer communal spaces like gyms, rooftop terraces, or lounge areas. Make the most of these amenities to extend your living space.

Personalize Your Studio:

Finally, make your studio your own. Personalize it with artwork, photographs, and items that reflect your personality and interests. Your studio should be a reflection of you.

Long Beach Studio Apartments A Growing Trend:

In the ever-evolving landscape of the real estate market, studio apartments have emerged as a growing trend, especially in Long Beach, California. These compact living spaces offer a unique blend of affordability,

convenience, and a thriving lifestyle. In this article, we’ll explore the surge in popularity of Long Beach studio apartments, uncover the reasons behind their appeal, and delve into the key factors driving this trend.

The Appeal of Studio Living:

Affordable Abode for All: Long Beach studio apartments have garnered attention for being a more budget-friendly housing option. With rental prices steadily increasing in southern

California, studio apartments provide a cost-effective solution for individuals looking to enjoy the perks of urban living without breaking the bank.

Prime Location: Most studio apartments are strategically located in the heart of Long Beach. This prime location offers residents easy access to the city’s attractions, job opportunities, and vibrant social scene.

Low Maintenance Living: Studio apartments are typically smaller in size, which translates to less cleaning and maintenance. This aspect is particularly attractive for busy professionals or those who wish to reduce their environmental footprint.

The Long Beach Lifestyle:

Access to the Beach: Long Beach’s stunning coastline is just a stone’s throw away from most studio apartments, making it easy for residents to enjoy the sun, surf, and sand whenever they please.

Cultural Hub: The city is renowned for its diverse culture, thriving arts scene, and numerous events and festivals. Living in Long Beach means you’re never too far from a cultural experience.

Career Opportunities: Long Beach offers a range of employment opportunities, from the bustling Port of Long Beach to various educational institutions and healthcare facilities.

Embracing the Minimalist Lifestyle:

Downsizing: Many individuals are drawn to the idea of living with less. Studio apartments naturally encourage a minimalist lifestyle, forcing you to prioritize what truly matters.

Decluttering: With limited space, residents are motivated to declutter their lives, leading to a sense of freedom and a clutter-free living environment.

Designing for Efficiency:

Clever Space Utilization: Studio apartments require creative thinking when it comes to interior design. Many Long Beach studio apartments use clever space-saving solutions to maximize functionality and aesthetics.

Multi-Functional Furniture: Transformable furniture, like wall beds and foldable tables, is becoming a staple in these spaces, allowing residents to make the most of their limited square footage.

The Rise of Co-Living Spaces:

Shared Amenities: Some studio apartment buildings in Long Beach offer co-living spaces that come equipped with communal kitchens, lounges, and coworking areas. This trend caters to the desire for social interaction and community living.

Affordability: Co-living options can be more affordable than traditional studio apartments, making them even more appealing to younger generations and newcomers to the area.

Sustainable Living:

Smaller Carbon Footprint: The smaller size of studio apartments often means lower energy consumption and reduced waste, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Transportation Alternatives: Long Beach has invested in sustainable transportation options, including bike lanes, public transit, and ride-sharing services, making it easier for studio apartment residents to live car-free.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities:

Rental Income: Investing in a studio apartment in Long Beach can be a lucrative venture. The steady demand for rental properties in the area ensures a consistent stream of income.

Appreciating Values: Long Beach’s real estate market has shown a history of appreciating property values, making studio apartments a potentially profitable long-term investment.

Challenges and Considerations:

Limited Space: While studio living has its perks, it’s not for everyone. Those who require more space or have a family may find it challenging to adapt to the compact lifestyle.

Storage Solutions: Studio apartment dwellers often need to get creative with storage solutions to keep their living space organized.

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